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OEM No. 6EV-R1321-00-00 Stainless Steel Impeller for Yamaha Jet Ski GP1800

Payment:T/T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C
Min Order: 100pcs
Sales Models: Wholesale
Delivery Day:15-30 days
OEM Service Available
Certification Approved:CCS,BV,DNV,NK,ABS,GL,SGS ,etc
Warranty: 3 Years
  • 6EV-R1321-00-00

  • Captain

  • 84871000

  • 3

  • Impeller

  • Captain

  • ISO9000

  • Stainless Steel

  • Carton Box

  • White

  • Inland and Coastal Boats

  • Paper Box

  • Qingdao China

  • 160 mm

  • Sand blasted & Polished

  • 6EV-R1321-00-00

OEM No. 6EV-R1321-00-00 Diameter 160mm Jet Ski Impeller 

Fit for Yamaha
Yamaha GP1800, Yamaha GX1800




Wave Runner FZR

Wave Runner FZS


6EV-R1321-00-00 Yamaha GP1800 Impeller
6EV-R1321-00-00 Yamaha GP1800 Stainless Steel Impeller

Jet ski impellers
 Material : Made by Super stainless steel
Packing : Original Boxes,then Cartons, Size as below,
Box Size : 19x 19 x13cm , 99mm ,ONE BOX WITH THREE PCS 19x 19 x13cm , 140-180mm ONE BOX WITH ONE PC
Carton Size : 40x41x45 cm , 99mm ,ONE CARTON WITH 3x16=48 PCS 40x41x45 cm , 140-180mm ,ONE CARTON WITH 12 or 16 PCS

Catalog Page:

Engine cc Model Year Pump Series Blades STOCK Engine * LIMITED or MODIFIED Engine *
1812 GP1800 2016~ 160mm CONCORD 3  YV-CD-13/20  YV-CD-13/18   YV-CD-14/21
VX CRUISER HO 2016~ 155mm CONCORD 3  YS-CD-13/19    YS-CD-13/22   YS-CD-14/23
FX SVHO / FX CRUISER SVHO /FX LIMITED SVHO 2014~ 160mm CONCORD 3  YV-CD-13/20  YV-CD-13/18   YV-CD-14/21
FX HO / FX CRUISER HO 2009~ 155mm CONCORD 3  YS-CD-13/19    YS-CD-13/22   YS-CD-14/23
VXR/ VXS 2011~ 155mm CONCORD 3  YS-CD-13/19    YS-CD-13/22   YS-CD-14/23
FZR / FZS 2014~2016 160mm CONCORD 3  YV-CD-13/20  YV-CD-13/18   YV-CD-14/21
2008~2013 155mm DYNAFLY 3  YS-DF-14/21   YS-DF-15/22

CONCORD  YS-CD-13/22   YS-CD-13/19    YS-CD-14/23
FX SHO / FX CRUISER SHO 2008- 155mm DYNAFLY 3  YS-DF-14/21   YS-DF-15/22 

CONCORD  YS-CD-13/22   YS-CD-13/19    YS-CD-14/23
1300 Wave Runner GP1300R, GP1300 2005~2008 155mm DYNAFLY 3  YG-DF-14/20   YG-DF-09/13  YG-DF-15/22
2003-2004 CONCORD 3  YF-CD-13/19   YF-CD-11/14   YF-CD-12/18   YF-CD-14/20
1200 Wave Runner XLT 1200  99-2005 155mm CONCORD 3  YF-CD-12/18   YF-CD-11/14   YF-CD-13/19   YF-CD-14/20
Wave Runner GP1200R 2000-2002 CONCORD 3  YF-CD-13/19   YF-CD-11/14   YF-CD-12/18   YF-CD-14/20
Wave Runner SUV1200 99-2004 CONCORD 3  YF-CD-12/18   YF-CD-11/14   YF-CD-13/19   YF-CD-14/20
1100 Wave Raider 1100 / Wave Venture 1100 95-97 155mm CONCORD 3  YD-CD-12/18   YD-CD-11/14   YD-CD-13/19   YD-CD-14/20
X Props 3  YD-SC-X(13-16)   YD-SC-X0(14.5-17.5)   YD-SC-XI(15.5-18.5)
IJK SERIES 3  YD-SC-I(13-19)   YD-SC-S(12-18.5)   YD-SC-J(14-20)
1052 FX High Output 2004~2008 155mm DYNAFLY 3  YG-DF-14/20   YG-DF-09/13  YG-DF-15/22
FX CRUISER High Output 2004~2008 DYNAFLY 3  YG-DF-14/20   YG-DF-09/13  YG-DF-15/22
VX / VX sport / VX Deluxe / VX Crusier 2005~2015 CONCORD 3  YH-CD-18/22

V1 / V1 SPORT 2015 CONCORD 3  YH-CD-18/22

1049 EXR 2019~ 144mm CONCORD 3 YX-CD-12/17

EX/ EX DELUXE/ EX SPORT 2017~ 144mm CONCORD 3 YJ-CD-12/20 YJ-CD-12/17

VX LIMITED/VX CRUISER/VX DELUXE/VX 2016~ 155mm DYNAFLY 3  YG-DF-09/13  YG-DF-14/20   YG-DF-15/22
V1 / V1 SPORT 2016 DYNAFLY 3  YG-DF-09/13  YG-DF-14/20   YG-DF-15/22
998 FX-140 / FX / FX Cruiser 2003~2008 155mm CONCORD 3  YF-CD-12/18   YF-CD-11/14   YF-CD-13/19   YF-CD-14/20
800 Wave Runner GP800R 2001-2005 155mm CONCORD 3  YF-CD-11/14   YF-CD-12/18   YF-CD-13/19   YF-CD-14/20
Wave Runner XL800  2000-2004 CONCORD 3  YF-CD-11/14   YF-CD-12/18   YF-CD-13/19   YF-CD-14/20
Wave Runner GP800 98-2000 144mm CONCORD 3  YB-CD-14/18   YB-CD-13/17   YB-CD-15/19   YB-CD-16/20
X Props 3  YB-SC-X0(15.5-18.5)   YB-SC-X(15-18)    YB-SC-XI(16-19)
IJK SERIES 3  YB-SC-J(14.7-18.5)   YB-SC-S(14-17)   YB-SC-I(14.5-18)   YB-SC-K(15-19)
760 Wave Runner GP760 97-2000 144mm CONCORD 3  YB-CD-13/17   YB-CD-14/18   YB-CD-15/19   YB-CD-16/20
X Props 3  YB-SC-X(15-18)    YB-SC-X0(15.5-18.5)   YB-SC-XI(16-19)
IJK SERIES 3  YB-SC-I(14.5-18)   YB-SC-S(14-17)   YB-SC-J(14.7-18.5)   YB-SC-K(15-19)
Wave Runner XL760 / Wave Venture 760 98-99 155mm CONCORD 3  YD-CD-11/14   YD-CD-12/18   YD-CD-13/19   YD-CD-14/20
X Props 3  YD-SC-X(13-16)   YD-SC-X0(14.5-17.5)   YD-SC-XI(15.5-18.5)
IJK SERIES 3  YD-SC-S(12-18.5)   YD-SC-I(13-19)   YD-SC-J(14-20)
701 VX 700 2006~ CONCORD 3  YH-CD-11/14

Wave Raider 700 / Wave Deluxe / 94-97 144mm CONCORD 3  YB-CD-13/17   YB-CD-14/18   YB-CD-15/19   YB-CD-16/20
Venture X Props 3  YB-SC-X(15-18)    YB-SC-X0(15.5-18.5)   YB-SC-XI(16-19)

IJK SERIES 3  YB-SC-J(14.7-18.5)   YB-SC-S(14-17)   YB-SC-I(14.5-18)   YB-SC-K(15-19)
SuperJet (FREESTYLE APPLICATION) 2008~ CONCORD 3  YQ-CD-09/15  YQ-CD-10/16

SuperJet 2008~ CONCORD 3  YQ-CD-12/18  YQ-CD-13/19

94-2007 CONCORD 3  YB-CD-13/17   YB-CD-14/18  YB-CD-15/19   YB-CD-16/20
IJK SERIES 3  YB-SC-I(14.5-18)   YB-SC-S(14-17)   YB-SC-J(14.7-18.5)   YB-SC-K(15-19)
Wave Runner XL700 99-2005 155mm CONCORD 3  YD-CD-11/14   YD-CD-12/18   YD-CD-13/19   YD-CD-14/20

Pictures of Production And Packaging:


jet ski impellers

Captain Marine Factory Show
Captain Propeller Shipment
China Jet ski impellers
Jet ski Impeller for Yamaha


- Are you a manufacturer?
Yes, we are a professional Outboard propellers, Inboard Propellers, Jet Ski Impellers manufacturer over 20 years experiences in Qingdao City China .
- How many engineers are there in your R & D department?
There are more than 8 experienced engineers in my company, in which there are 3 of them are working in R & D department.
- How many days will a new development item need?
Usually, we will prepare the molds and counter samples for a general part in 15-20 days.
- What is the lead time for the general production order?
About 20-25 days according to the quantities.
- What's your strength?
We are specialized in Outboard propellers, inboard Propellers, Jet Ski Impeller, all kinds of outboard spare parts .
We have been suppling to global market for over 20 years with good quanlity ,competitive price and a wide range of categories .
- Where are your customers from?
Most of our customers are from North America, Europe,  Oceania, Latin America,  Arab countries, Africa
- Which are the near ports?
We are located in Qingdao, there are 1.5 hours driving from our factory to Qingdao port and 30 minutes to Qingdao Liuting Airport.
- Will you ask for sample charge?
For the general samples are free, for the big value ones, we will ask for sample fee in advance and refund upon total production order increasing to USD5,000.
- What's the payment term?
T/T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C, .



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 Tel: +86 15563995577
 Contact:  Tommy